Giving Thanks: 14 Months Worth of North of Dixie Coverage

When you labor over a project for years–or a decade!–there’s no greater pleasure than sending it off into the world.  Yet, the work is hardly finished as promoting a book is time-consuming. Thankfully, North of Dixie garnered some fantastic press and I was honored to speak at the Library of Congress, the Schomburg Center in New York, and the DuSable Museum, along with a host of libraries and independent bookstores.

I am incredibly grateful for the interest in North of Dixie and compiled a list of reviews, interviews, and coverage should readers wish to learn more about the book or subject matter. Finally, I could never have written it alone or without the support and commitment of my publisher, the J. Paul Getty Museum and Getty Publications.



Reviews and Publicity:

New York Times LENS Blog

“Photographing Civil Rights, Up North and Beyond Dixie”

By Maurice Berger – October 18, 2016


The Guardian

October 29, 2016


The Daily Beast

“It Wasn’t Just the South: Little-Known Scenes of Unrest North of Dixie (Photos)”

October 31, 2016



Taking it to the Streets

By Jane Burns – November 10, 2016

This Photo Book is a Reminder that the Civil Rights Movement Extended Far Beyond the Deep South

By Jackie Mansky – November 18, 2016

November 23, 2016



“Secret Histories | Inside the Civil Rights Movement North of Dixie”

By Miss Rosen – November 24, 2016


Daily Mail

November 26, 2016


Eye of Photography

November 29, 2016



“Rare Photographs of the US Civil Rights Struggle Beyond the South”

by Allison Meier – November 30, 2016


The Weekly Challenger

December 1, 2016


Wisconsin State Journal

“Civil Rights Protests Hit Close to Home in North of Dixie”

By Gayle Worland – December 4, 2016


Huffington Post

“In Case You Forgot, This is What the North’s Fight for Civil Rights Looked Like”

By Katherine Brooks – December 19, 2016


F-Stop: A Photography Magazine

By Cary Benbow – December 21, 2016


Chicago Reader

“Mark Speltz’s North of Dixie is a Powerful Book about Civil Rights Photography”

By Sean Neumann – January 12, 2017

“Mark Speltz Shares the Most Powerful Imagine from his North of Dixie book”

By Bobby Tanzilo – February 2, 2017


Baltimore Times

February 17, 2017


New York Times LENS Blog

“Using Photographs to Tell Stories about Race”

By Maurice Berger – December 6, 2017




African American Intellectual History Society interview

By Ibram X. Kendi – November 1, 2016


VICE interview

“Rare Photos of American Civil Rights Activism from the 60s”

By Chase Hall – November 20, 2016


WUWM Radio interview

“North of Dixie Shows Struggle for Civil Rights in Northern Cities”

By Joy Powers – November 28, 2016


Slate France

By Fanny Arlandis – December 12, 2016


Modern Art Notes Podcast, Episode no. 267

By Tyler Green – December 15, 2016


Shepherd Express

By Matthew Prigge – December 19, 2016


Chicago Maroon

“New Book Captures Civil Rights Struggle Beyond the South”

By Grace Hauck – January 5, 2017



“V Books: Mark Speltz Sheds Light on Northern Civil Rights Movement in North of Dixie”

By Darryl Robertson – February 6, 2017



“Black Women at the Forefront of Civil Rights: Images of Black Women”

By Lilada Gee – February 8, 2017




WGNTV – Chicago

January 17, 2017


Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

Conversations in Black Freedom Studies series – Black Power at 50

February 2, 2017


Wisconsin Historical Society – Wisconsin Public Television

University Place series

February 15, 2017


Library of Congress webcast

February 22, 2017




American Photo Mag

The Best Photography Books of the Year: 2016

By Jack Crager – December 14, 2016



Best Historical Coffee-Table Books of 2016

By Rebecca Onion – December 16, 2016


Elizabeth Avedon’s Best Photography Books of 2016: Honorable Mention


Wobneb Magazine

“Top Photo Books of 2017”

By Cary Benbow – December 29, 2017



Blogs and Other:

Getty Research Institute

“An Activist’s View of the Civil Rights Movement”

By Mark Speltz – October 26, 2016


New BlackMan (In Exile)

By Mark Anthony Neal – January 15, 2017!/2017/01/hello-stranger-moonlight-fences-musical.html


“Will they Know We are Christians?”

Sermon by Winton Boyd – February 19, 2017


“Of Charlottesville, the “First White President,” Black Football Players, and Civil Rights History”

By Kevin Lynch – September 13, 2017


Official press release:–Civil-Rights-Photography-Beyond-the-South-by-Mark-Speltz–Getty-Publications.html?soid=1106396448260&aid=wpdO3Qqblko


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